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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

BirdMan Inc.

Global Mobile

Our company is currently homeless, and less global enterprise office 
Partners in the enterprise, Honey Company is a business tool

Mobile Tool ○ (owners)-back black and blue travel bag 

The contents?
iPad (Palmtop PC) => Japanese support

iPhone (Pocket PC) 
Web browser (Safari), email, phone, iPod, photograph

Amazon Kindle (paper bucks) => English support

iPhone OS version, Mr. Pu-bear came iBooks 


The Gurobarujobu?

Creator Aoyagi YoSuKe

BirdMan Inc. Ao

Art HarbOur AO

Take leadership and expand the types of business proposals

Atohaba - who created (AO) - Club Baririndon => Mizuho

Creator - the owner (Aoyagi YoSuKe) => Sumitomo Mitsui / VISA

Aoyagi YoSuKe


The Art HarbOur Tokyo, Kyushu and on local-oriented, that is, global Volunteers

BirdMan Inc. The Company is a global-oriented, In other words, the global enterprise

MoMo System Structure - peach
Art Harbour (Global Volunteers) / R & D-based - Global

Creator / R & D-based - Local & Global

BirdMan (Global Enterprise) / R & D-based - Global

nandemoYA? (The information System) - Local & Global

Book Creator / R & D-based - Local & Global

Salon de Prevert (The Matter System) - Local

Aoyagi Yosuke


Core of the second month of the moment? Master & VISA & AMEX

Bank thinking? Only stable, the bank

Convenience Net
Mizuho / Master => Investment tools

Mitsui Sumitomo / VISA => profession, R & D

Mitsubishi / AMEX => budget => freeze => Mizuho / AMEX

Net JR
Postal / JCB => Lifestyle => freeze => Mizuho / JCB (View Card)

Aoyagi YoSuKe


Owners (and Nonu Yashiro)

Company motto)
Seoul soul, who is

Spirit, the soul pioneer
Hart is a sign of love
The mind, the gentleman knows

Seoul Friendship, Partnership
Independence of mind SPIRITS
Heart Ties
The economic independence of mind

To children, as a rule, their money is earn their own - independent spirit

Creative class? Who can design

And design?

Design, creativity, ingenuity, design

Design-plan (time series) + model (hard) + Style (Soft)

And mode? Dynamism of the design

And business? Based on the design, with political and economic dynamics, to trade

Open, fair, and honest knowledge of

Aoyagi Yousuke 1 2009/11/23 resume today. Educational background 
University College of Arts and Science class enrollment April 1, 1976 
Graduated from Department of Physics University of Tokyo in March 1981 
Fellow of the Academy in July 2003 TAC translation school courses completed in September 2002 - small business consultant training course completed in July 2005, Amelia Network book hunters completed in September 2005 

2. Career 
April 1981 - at a certain electronics manufacturer in November 2001, he worked as a systems engineer. 
1/1/2004 sole proprietors opened a translator. Sun out of business December 31, 2008 
Creator 2009/1/1 opened a sole proprietor. 

- "Assertion-Based Design," Maruzen (Inc.), 503 pages published September 30, 2004 
(The latest book co-translator of original LSI Design Methodology: Assertion-Based Design, Harry Foster, Kluwer Academic Publishers) 
· "Animals In Translation" Temple Grandin, Simon & Shuster Inc. 
We are planning translation and publication, at that point was already decided by the translator in charge. 
NHK from the publisher, rhythm and was published under the title animal. 
· "To Touch A Dolphin - A Journey Of Discovery with the Sea's Most Intelligent Creatures" Rachel Smolker, Random House Inc. Doubleday 
[Contact with wild dolphins - discover intelligent life living in the World Heritage 
The title went to the translation and publication planning. Some publishers have hit, 
Compliance plan to find a publisher. 
As for this book has been translated documents. 
3. And contact 
# Locations 
〒 154-001 
Ikejiri Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Name: Yosuke Aoyagi (dark blue color as Shinsuke) 
Sex: Male Date of birth: June 22, 1956 
E-Mail: ayosuke.cosmos @ gmail.com 
Web Site: http://ayosuke-cosmos.blogspot.com/ 

# Status 
Xxxxxxx ordinary vehicles driver's license status on 10 February 1983 issue of information technology engineer 1,140,771 First Class Issue 23 August 1977 
(The paper because the driver, a driver's license as identification.) 

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